StudioFleming is an architecture and design studio committed to providing creative and successful solutions to a broad range of design problems. The studio emphasizes excellence in design and execution.

Understanding that the right questions lead to the right solutions, a thorough examination and analysis of each project starts the process. Listening to the client and the program becomes the basis for solving the design problem.

There is no preconceived design aesthetic or outcome. The design solution is allowed to emerge from a careful study of all the elements of the project. The conditions of budget, program, objectives and site constraints become the framework from which the design emerges.

Collaboration is crucial to achieving the desired results. The studio seeks strong input from the client and a strong collaboration. Ideas and concepts are challenged and discussed. This dialogue is vital to a successful design solution. Strong collaborations with contractors, subcontractors and designers are utilized and encouraged.

Each project is seen as part of a larger sphere. Design solutions are realized through material expression, crafted detailing, elegant proportioning and revealing lighting.

Sustainable design practices and materials are integrated into each project as appropriate to the design.

Awareness of the human experience defines and reveals the work.

Diverse projects of varying scales are enthusiastically undertaken in a variety of areas from architecture to interior design to exhibition design. Furniture and lighting design continue as a passion and an outlet for a creative exploration of materials and ideas.